Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last Rehearsal

So, at this very moment I am blogging while covered in spray paint...

This morning we had our final ( :(  ) rehearsal at the orphanage and it was incredibly bittersweet. Bitter because it was the last day working with the kids and I am utterly in love with each of them. Sweet because, while I am so utterly in love with them, rehearsal this morning was kind of like trying to herd wild buffalo--thus, after 3 hours, I was in much need of a little break (though, obviously, I'd prefer if the break were for a mere hour, not indefinitely).

We started the morning off with a round intense warm-ups. Since this was the last warm-up we were sure to do all of their favorites which include pass the clap, a modified version of basketball, and, the ultimate, banana-prune.

Then, we passed out costumes and ran through the show in dress and with music a couple of times. But, for whatever reason, they couldn't seem to focus which resulted in entrances and exits being especially horrific. So, we basically stripped the show and did a final run-through without costumes or music and I am happy to say that it went perfectly. Feeling much better after that run, we went outside with the boys (and some spray paint) to finish some last minute scenery things.

Most of the boys stood around and watched as Ryan and I worked on the back-drop.  However, we had to halt mid process when we noticed one of the boys banging one of the empty spray cans against a rock.After finishing the mountains Ryan then went off with a bunch of them to play yet another game of soccer. I stayed to finish painting some fins for our fish character and the crown for the emperor. And, while I had my back turned for an instant, a few of the boys had made off with some of the spray cans and had started graffiti-ing a wall. Of course, I don't know enough Spanish to chastise them. So I merely gave them a very disappointed look and took the cans away. The seemed genuinely sorry. Which is why, when they did it again 10 minutes later, I was both shocked, disappointed, and a little bit ready to walk away. For about 5 seconds.  But, honestly, you just can't be mad at kids this cute.

And now, 2 hours later, we're ready to jump back in.
Our final performance is in an hour and a half and I'm expecting great, big, awesome, wonderful things.


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  1. Spray cans and kids! Like babies and candy. . .